What does the basic setup include?

Our basic setup for the migration from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) covers the fundamentals of tracking and reporting within the GA4 environment. Here’s what this includes:

  1. Standard Page/Screen Tracking: GA4 will be configured to automatically capture all pageviews or screen views within your website or application. This ensures that you continue to receive data about the overall traffic on your platform, the behavior of users within your site or app, and their journey through your digital environment.
  2. Event Tracking Setup: GA4 is designed around an event-based tracking model, which makes it more flexible and comprehensive than UA. The basic setup includes configuration of standard interactions (events) that GA4 can automatically track, such as page scrolls, video plays, link clicks, and more.

Please note that this basic setup does not include e-commerce tracking, or advanced data manipulation and configuration concepts, such as setting up complex conversion tracking, custom dimensions or metrics, or advanced analysis reports. These would be part of a more advanced or customized GA4 setup, which we would be happy to discuss based on your needs.