FUSION by Programmads,
let’s create programmatic energy!

Fusion by Programmads guides your organization through the in-housing process and helps to analyze and reorganize your programmatic marketing processes. In close consultation we develop an implementation process tailored to your situation, we provide technology, people and processes.

Today, without any doubt, programmatic marketing accounts for a large part of your marketing budget. Moving this valuable activity in-house provides advantages like increased control over your messaging and full transparency in the costs and campaign results. This radical change however can also demand a lot from your organization.

Fusion is about

Whether you want to only insource technology, or you want to in-house all of your Programmatic Marketing operations, we provide services according to your needs.

  • Technology access
  • Technical support
  • Strategic guidance
  • Basic and advanced training
  • Playbook design and production
  • Hiring support
  • Consultancy

Our approach

Fusion by Programmads applies a step-by-step approach, in which we organize and improve your marketing operation together with you.

  1. Analysis – we assess your current situation with regards to technology, people and processes

  2. Design / implementation – based on the information gathered above, we help you decide on the best possible inhousing model

  3. Go live – based on the chosen inhousing model, we help you get control over your Programmatic Marketing


Inhousing your Programmatic Marketing operation provides multiple advantages:
  • Increased control over messaging and sensitive data handling
  • Transparency with regards to costs (media-tech-data) and campaign results
  • Cost savings due to reduced agency fee and 100% dedicated team
  • Data ownership

Fusion by Programmads is proud to support

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