One To One, Communication at scale

Issue / Challenge

The airline industry is the perfect landscape for marketing Automation. Delivering a personalized and contextual Ad Experience is crucial to increase the performances of a campaign and this is a technical challenge for Brussels Airlines (+100 destinations, unlimited travel dates possibilities, dynamic pricing, etc.). So we accepted the challenge, especially in an industry that encourages aggressive competition and high pressure on margin.


Return On Ad Spending (ROAS)


We created a fully automated dynamic remarketing banner via Web Designer Studio that is capable of generating thousands of creative variations all the while following the brandbook. At the heart of this setup is a complete Google Flights feed containing all flight details and an image feed with an image for each destination. We then implemented the rules that define which info needs to be selected to create a unique banner.

Partnering with Programmads

In their quest for innovation, Brussels Airlines has decided to make a shift towards digital marketing. As their technology and marketing partner, Programmads is committed to continually improve SNBA’s digital marketing campaigns, in order to achieve the best possible results.


CTR increased by 60%


“ Thanks to our innovative and fully automated dynamic remarketing setup, we are now capable of delivering our users a real 121 message and relevant ad experience. In addition, this setup has optimized our marketing expenditure and creative asset cost, which creates new highly scalable opportunities to expand this approach towards other targeting purposes. “

157 %

CPA decreased by 157%

Results and business insights

The result of this effort is that the campaign can run worldwide and automated without need for new creatives per country, saving time and money. During the first month of launching we saw a massive difference in ad engagement as well as conversions. The CPA decreased by 157% and CTR increased by 60%.